Welcome to The Bookly Purple. This is an amateur book review blog owned, run, and written solely by erdeaka. I cannot claim to be an avid reader, but I do love reading, especially fiction, both literary and popular (if you want to call them so). Thus, this blog will contain mainly reviews of fiction books. Since I have been trying to widen my reading horizon, you will find the genres ranged from general, children’s, fantasy, romance, and also historical. They will probably be wider than that later on. Despite the unrestricted range of the fiction books I read, I am basically interested in contemporary world literature. I do read classics, it’s not as if I dislike or avoid them, but I only read classics on rare occasions, given my lack of interest in them. I have no particular reason for not reading classics a lot. To my way of thinking, asking why we love a certain genre of literature is like asking (in a dramatic way) why we love somebody, and mostly there is no answer to it. All I can say is that I love modernity, although it doesn’t fully explain my love for contemporary literature. What I’m saying is, this blog will be presenting reviews of fiction books of any kinds, especially contemporary literature, without barring itself from having reviews of fiction originated in every part of the world.

What may become the problem here is that I’m not an up-to-date reader. I read randomly. I cannot promise you to provide reviews of the new-released books, or the best-selling books, or books of the most current trend in the book industry. I may not even post reviews of the most-talked-about books. I read what’s within my reach. I hope you’re okay with that.


I used to apply 1 to 5 rating system, and I will continue to do so. However, looking at my old reviews, I never up to this point gave any 1 nor 5 points to any books I read. I believe that there is nothing totally flawed nor completely flawless. I believe that writers/authors must be given some appreciation for their hard work (no matter how horrible their books are in my opinion), while on the other hand, 5 points will give them too much credit. So the highest and the lowest points were (and will still be) 4.5 and 1.5, respectively.


I do not own any cover pictures attached to my reviews here. I mostly rely on Goodreads as my main source, and any other websites where I pluck the cover pictures will be respectfully linked and/or mentioned under them as a courtesy.


Though I don’t believe my reviews are good enough to be copied, I ask you politely not to copy, quote, or use my reviews here or any part of them without any references to my blog. You will be required to link and/or mention my blog URL to anywhere near your copy/quote of my reviews. Thank you.

Last but not least, I welcome any comments or suggestions regarding my reviews, my writings in particular. I’m not one to refuse comments even the harshest one. Feel free to explore and read my reviews, leave comments, and come back again later if you are interested.




10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi!
    I’ve been reading your book reviews and would like to invite you to a new Pintrest board:

    This is a place for bibliophiles to share their favorite books and also a great place to increase traffic to your website by pinning your own book reviews or book-related discussions. Let me know if you’re interested. email me at lasesana@gmail.com
    (you don’t have to approve this comment- this message is just FYI and not blogspam)

  2. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by The Bibulous Bibliobiuli and leaving a comment there. I really appreciate that. Looking forward to a number of discussions on books in future….:)

    1. Hi 🙂 Yes, I’m from Indonesia. I’ve checked out your blog a bit, and it seems interesting. Actually, I’m interested in participating in giving you insights about literature in my country. But I’m so afraid that I’m not competent enough for it. Sadly, I only know a little about the updates of how things are going on here, only the general things. Would you mind about that? Or would you like me to ask a friend in my book blogger community to help you out?

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