I Don’t Give a D***

I’ve wanted to put this nagging thing on my mind into words for so long and blog it up here but found myself not having the heart to do it. Now, I’ll be doing it for a thousand words or so. Watch out, you may not like it.

People have favorite writers, so do I. But most of the time they have “favorite people” whose works they just happen to read, or love to read. These “favorite people” have some favorable qualities or likable personalities that make readers adore them even more than their works. These qualities/personalities can be certain charming characters (inspiring, wise, sympathetic, or simply having a heart of gold), or they can be their sex/gender (“I read this book because the author is a woman” doesn’t seem to be a rare expression these days). I’m not accusing people of not having literary taste or something, but sometimes you just can’t help it, can you? Because when you think the books these “favorite people” produce are so great and inspiring you will go to the bookstore and spend what little money you have to buy them and read them enthusiastically till midnight, but when you finally discover that these “favorite people” are a******* (or that they use pseudonyms and are actually not the person you think they are) you will have a doubt and eventually stop reading their books no matter how marvelous they are. You may think that I’m merely talking nonsense here, but I was, and am, a witness to this nonsense.

Years ago, at least that I remember, a best-selling author had just released the English edition of his book under a huge literary publisher in the United States. After quite some time, a blogger put his doubts on his blog over the nature of the release, saying loud and clear that actually the book was published by a small press and not a big player. He also severely criticized the many changes occured in the translated version, pointing out that the US edition might have not been translated from the original manuscript but was merely an adaptation. The author went mad at the “accusation”, and at the blogger, too, of course, and called his lawyer straight away to sue said blogger. It blew up and went viral on the Internet. Everyone on Twitter were condemning him mercilessly and ceaselessly, calling him arrogant and some other names and swore to God that they would never, ever again read his books. I remember feeling disappointed. I understood that it was not the best attitude of an author, but I have to say that it was not the best attitude of a reader, either. People left him, but I stayed. I stayed for the sake of his work. I stayed because I knew he was not the only one to make such a horrible mistake, or the only one to try keeping a good image but failed. I stayed because I knew being a writer in the book industry is a complicated thing. Really, sometimes I wonder what people’s reactions will be if the gossip that J.K. Rowling is actually not J.K. Rowling is true. Will they leave her and promise to never read her books anymore? And what about those senior male writers they said always trying to get into young female writers’ pants? If this rumor proves to be true, and we find out who those male writers are, will we leave them, too?

Writers are not gods, they make mistakes and they sin. If you look at what they are more than you do what they write, you’ll only tear your heart apart because all human beings are sinful, we are all sinful. So I don’t think we should read books for the authors’ “outer” image, or for their sex/gender, for that matter. I know the campaign to read more female writers today is all about making balance in the book industry, since the literary world has been indeed ruled by men for so very long. I am a woman and I can understand the need to do so. But I don’t want to be a gender-bound reader. I want to read a book only if it’s worth reading. What if a book, written by a female writer, is badly written? People hail women writers but they diss E.L. James, and every romance writer there is in the book industry, for they think romances they produce are a bunch of crap. If you really think you should read more female writers, then you should read E.L. James, not despising her on every article you write. So, I do think we should appreciate writers more for their capabilities than their sex/gender, if this is truly about “gender equality”.

You may think I’ve gone out of my mind, but it’s just not in my nature to judge a book by its author. I don’t care if it’s a he or a she, and I absolutely don’t care if he/she is a complete a****** or a wiseguy giving you some spiritual enlightenment on social media. Most of my favorite writers are men and one of them (yes, that best-selling author) was damned by almost the entire readership for his incapability to put his arrogance in the right place. From what I read on online newspapers and literary magazines, I could tell that Orhan Pamuk is not a charming person, but I love his books because they can equally reflect the social/cultural issues in my country; and I do not adore Sapardi Djoko Damono because we share the same cultural background (as Javanese people coming originally from Solo) but because we share the same opinion about everything and anything and have the same sense of humor, too, as reflected in his fiction works. I like Isabel Allende not because she is a woman, but because her Tripartite are a bunch of masterpieces and could really speak to me. In short, I don’t give a d***. For me it’s their works that matter, not their personalities. They can go to hell for whatever reason and I will still read their books if those books are truly great and inspiring. As E.M. Forster put it, “I am more interested in works than authors.”

I realize that it’s totally pointless to address this issue on my blog. But I just want people to know. Well, whoever those who actually read my blog. And I do not wish for anything, for I know everyone’s entitled to their own opinion. And this is mine.

13 thoughts on “I Don’t Give a D***”

  1. Wah. Mantap opini nya Mbak. Yah, karena Yg pembaca Mau kan sepaket. Kalo tulisannya bagus, si author juga harus Bagus istilahnya. Padahal nobody’s perfect.

  2. Somehow, I do agree with you, since some of my favourite authors (yes, many of them) have (or had) some ‘serious’ flaws. I admit that I was one of the person that losing interest in ‘that’ author you mentioned, but it’s merely because I haven’t really read his books, so I don’t have idea about how good/bad his works are. And one thing about authors, I think it’s easier to forgive dead authors about their attitudes than the ones that still among us 😁

      1. Yeah, sebut merek dia 😂 salah satunya, banyak lho, aku bisa bikin post sendiri buat nge-list nya 😂

  3. Panjang…tapi aku ngerti pointnya. I think to each of their own saja Erdeaka. Masalah attitude penulis, ada yang bilang jangan dimasalahin, ada juga yang ilfil. Aku termasuk yang ilfil dan buntutnya jadi malas baca karya selanjutnya. Ini kejadian sama salah satu author…katakanlah inisial PC. Aku males doski bahas politik mulu, akhirnya aku pun agak malas – malasan baca bukunya, yang kebetulan backgroundnya pun politik juga. Padahal aku dulu ngepens.

    Sekarang aku suka unfol penulis yang terlalu bahas politik atau apalah. Katakanlah J.K.Rowling, aku juga ga follow, karena aku ga perlu tahu apa pandangan politiknya. Kadang dengan ga tau pandangan politik atau hal – hal lain yang ga berkaitan sama buku, aku lebih bisa fokus ke karyanya. Kecuali seperti kasus si Tere Liye..itu udah bikin aku ilfil sama pandangan dia yang bilang yang bisa menulislah yang pantas mengkritik. Ya maaf deh :P. Atau penulis yang kena kasus plagiat. Nah, masalah plagiat ini udah harga mati ga bisa ditolak.

    About E.L.James.. I did have my own reason to dislike her and other people may have same reasons. Aku kan juga pembaca romance garis keras lho, dan tahu banget banyak orang yang ngece penulis romance. Tapi E.L.James sih lain cerita, lol :))

    1. Eh, setuju tuh. Kadang kalo kita ga tau apa2 tentang pandangan pribadi ato personalnya si penulis kita jadi lebih fokus ke karyanya. Jadi dianya mo gimana aja ya kita ga bete.

      Kalo soal E.L. James aku ngerti alasanmu kok. Yang aku bahas tuh orang2 “sastra” luar sana yang suka banget ngolok2 dia di artikel2 sastra, padahal sok2 kampanye “ayo baca buku penulis wanita” 😒.

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