[Master Post] 2016 Japanese Literature Reading Challenge

Without beating about the bush, this year I challenge myself to join a reading challenge set by another book blogger for the very first time. It’s Japanese Literature Reading Challenge hosted by Opat, in which you are required to read works of Japanese fiction throughout the year and wrap it up at the end. There is this #JanuaryinJapan movement on Twitter actually, set by Australian blogger Tony, but I don’t think I have time to finish one Japanese book or two this month, given my suddenly hectic schedule. I don’t even think I can read any book at the moment, so I need a longer time to devour those Japanese literary works I have in my makeshift bookshelf. In short, this challenge sounds so right for me.

So, what’s the rule? Quite simple, actually. First thing first, you are an Indonesian and live in this very country. Second, you need to make a master post on the challenge (like this one I have), and store the link in the google docs provided by the host in her post. Three, you can read Japanese books (fiction only, sorry) as many as you have time to and post the reviews on your blog. At the end of the year, wrap it up and make a post on it before you store the link in Opat’s wrap-up post. Easy, right? Oh yes, Opat will also give you points for every book you read and review, and add all of them at the end of the challenge. There are some nice voucher prizes waiting for you.

Now, I already have three books in store, waiting for me to get them out of my little, stinky shelf and read them (see my previous post on the books I have to read this year). The thing is, I will not start it any time soon. First, I have a strict-deadlined gig I have to finish by the end of this month, which means I’m not sure I can do anything else but working. Two, I still have Dream of Ding Village to finish before its papers get more and more yellow. So, I can only pray I’ll still have time to accomplish this rather loose challenge before it expire.

How about you? Want to join in? You can go to Opat’s master post for further information.

2 thoughts on “[Master Post] 2016 Japanese Literature Reading Challenge”

    1. You must have known Haruki Murakami, but you can try Yoko Ogawa, Soji Shimada, Akutagawa Ryunoshuke, Seirai Yuichi, or Kawabata. There are a lot, but I myself haven’t got my hands on them all. That’s why I join in this challenge :).

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