#IndoLitProject – A Personal Challenge

As an Indonesian, I’m very much aware that I have a very little interest in and show only a very small amount of appreciation of Indonesian literature. My personal preference has always been for contemporary Western one, both literary and popular. I have not read many Indonesian fiction books, while many of my fellow bloggers in my book blogger community seem to be pretty much into them, and for some unknown reason I feel guilty about it. I don’t believe that our literary preference has something to do with nationalism, or that our love for our country materialize only, or mainly, in a form of desire for our own literature. Be that as it may, I do think that I should read and know more about my country’s literature, even if only for the sake of broadening my literary horizon. What’s more, contemporary Indonesian literature has recently been blooming these couple of years, and I think a little more support will not hurt.

So, reading more Indonesian books would be in order. From now on, I’m going to be reading and reviewing more works of Indonesian literature than I have been before, though I cannot promise even to myself that I will devour a lot of them. There are some authors I want to try, and several works I want to reread. This is a personal project, a personal challenge I set for myself, and I name it Indonesian Literature Reading Project. I’ve made no banner, no official meme. It was an impulsive idea popping into my mind and the project will last not only along this year alone, but as long as it can. There is no limitation as to how many Indonesian books I will have to read in a month, or in a year, though I hope the number will be pretty large. And every time I share my review on Twitter, I will use a #IndoLitProject hashtag, just to let people know.

Now, all I have to do is hunting those books I have in mind…

6 thoughts on “#IndoLitProject – A Personal Challenge”

  1. good luck,mba.
    sebenarnya makin kesini problemku sama mba, jadi kebanyakan baca literatur luar dibanding lokal. habis gimana ya? range tema ceritanya lebih luas (-,-)a

    1. Sebenere alasanku lebih suka sastra luar jg sama, Ziy. tp ya itu, belakangan ini kok merasa bersalah tidak terlalu memperhatikan sastra lokal >_<

  2. I think it’s a great idea, especially because we have so little awareness of Indonesian literature and with your knowledge of world literature, you would bring an insiders point of view. Although if they aren’t translated into English that may be difficult, but there must be so many great stories that deserve a wider audience and attention.

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