A Fresh Start

Recently, every time I read my own book review blog, I felt like I was betraying the writing course I got in my undergraduate program years back. Not only did I write clumsily and out of grammatical order, but I used too many slang words, curses/dirty words, and inappropriate terms. I felt like I was a stupid person trying to write in English and flat-out failed. Then I finally figured out what the trouble with me was: I used English often, but I never bothered to write in correct English until it became a (bad) habit. I was so embarrassed and I wanted to learn to write from the very beginning.

That’s only part of my reason why I wanted to create a whole new book review blog. The rest was that while I wanted to learn to write a review in English again, I also wished to make a new concept to go along with it. I found myself not serious enough to make a good book review. I always ended up rambling on nothing about the book I reviewed, prattling on and on about unimportant things. I wanted to be more serious, more conceptualized in writing a review. This new concept demanded a new blog address and a new style of writing, a whole new face. Thus, creating a new book review blog would be unquestionably necessary. My last blog address was too “teenage me” and somehow didn’t fit the realm of book blogging. I wanted something fresh and close to the “supposed book blog URL address”. As for the new style of writing, I will need to rewrite or repost most of my old reviews. In a nutshell, this is not going to be an easy job. You may call me crazy for doing this, but I seriously wanted to have a new, fresh book review blog started from the very base.

So, what’s the new concept? Simply, I want my reviews to be better in how they are written, more serious in manner, more formal, better structured and not too long (using the frame provided in the 8th edition of OALD), less enraged, devoid of all emotions but my personal opinion. I want to be fairer (though I cannot say objective) in pointing out both the negative and positive aspects of a book. I don’t wish my reviews to be taken seriously or reliable for readers, I just wish to share my after-reading impression of the books I read. A book review is basically a report, I realize, so except for the part in which I am required to give my personal opinion, I will try to leave anything un-book behind. There will be only books and everything about them. Considering this is a book review blog, I will mainly write reviews, but that doesn’t stop me from posting some discussion articles nor quotes I deem interesting. However, unlike my last blog, there won’t be any pictures of other miscellanies but book covers: no wishlist, no “new on my shelf”, no showing off my newest purchases. This new blog will serve as mainly (let’s say, solely) my place to learn to write again, by means of sharing what I read.

In conclusion, I welcome you all to my brand new book review blog. I’m not seeking stats nor a number of comments, but you are, of course, free to stop by and leave any.

4 thoughts on “A Fresh Start”

  1. Woaah, it indeed is a very big step. I’m learning to write reviews in English too for my blog, http://pagebypage-sc.blogspot.com, and very aware of its flaws. I think your English and writing are already awesome, but if you think it can be more awesome, than I want to see that. Following your blog right away! ;D

  2. wahhh, g eman-eman mbak sama postingan yg dulu? komen dan traficnya? bisa dipahami alsannya kalau ingin lebih formal lagi dalam nulis reviewnya tapi sayang sama postingan yang dulu 😦

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